Free Customizable Negotiation Simulations offers free customizable negotiation simulations. The site is currently in an open beta test and may be updated without notice. More simulations will be added over time.

Browse the sections below to create a custom multi-issue or single-issue negotiation simulation, learn about the benefits of customizing negotiations, or read answers to some frequently asked questions. The examples page illustrates how one simulation can be customized to create different challenges.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon possible.

Noah Eisenkaft
Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Multi-Issue Simulations

The multi-issue simulations are fully customizable, personalizable, and use a randomization algorithm to create a unique negotiations challenge.

Office Rental

A landlord and prospective tenant will negotiate the terms of an office rental lease. Includes up to eight negotiable issues.

Pharma Consultancy

A company and medical expert will negotiate the terms of a consultancy contract. Includes up to six negotiable issues.

Web-Services Group

Two project managers will negotiate how to combine their respective groups. Includes up to five negotiable issues.

Single-Issue Simulations

The single-issue simulations can be lightly customized and personalized. Single-issue simulations do not include a randomization element.

3D Widget Factory

A 3D Printing Company and a supplier of 3D Printing Materials will negotiate the price of their contract.

Loading Dock Negotiation

A real estate developer and natural food store will negotiate the price of a loading area.

Used Car

A prospective buyer and prospective seller will negotiate the price of a used car.

The Benefits of Custom

The simulations at were created to provide you with a variety of benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the simulations really free?

Yes. They are free and will stay free. If you want to pay something, please donate to Give Directly, one of the world's most efficient and effective charities.

I found a typo/mistake/bug in an simulation. What should I do?

Contact me and I will fix the problem as soon as possible.

I have an idea for a customizable simulation. Can you create it for me?

Creating a customizable simulation requires a large investment of time. I would love to hear your idea, but probably won't be able to implement it anytime soon.

Can you teach me how to use your simulations?

I will try to answer your questions, but cannot give one-on-one teaching help.

Can you teach a class/consult on a negotiation?

My schedule is pretty full, but I am always open to hearing about new opportunities. Contact me and we can talk more about this.


Please feel free to contact me if you want to provide feedback, have suggestions, or have questions about the customizable simulations.

I would also love to learn who is using the simulations and how.

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